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Category: Action
Size: 2,618 Kb
Sponsor: sugar-free-games
Submitted 01/31/2008 by: D-mah
    In this game you choose to be a boy or a girl and need to defeat crowds of the opposite sex members shooting them with your gun / magic wand. In the end of each level there is a bonus game. Bonus games are different for boys and for girls.
    A-D-W-S or the arrows = left, right, jump and duck. Mouse = Aim and shoot.
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121.54.48. xxx (07/09/2011)
what about gay?
170.185.184. xxx (05/06/2011)
Girls FTW!....Boys are just lame, satupid, good for nothing people...Well some are. :l
76.77.175. xxx (03/02/2011)
girls s*** my d*** and i lick girls p****s
112.202.75. xxx (10/03/2010)
hahahahahahahaha for your in for mison your maot yaks

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