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Category: Fighting
Size: 4,852 Kb
Sponsor: funny-games
Submitted 02/24/2008 by: hothoneybee
    This is a RPG game.
    There are slightly changed controls, now you control your hero with "A", "S", "W", "D" KEYS and use YOUR MOUSE for everything else in the game. You can also choose between two game modes - Hero or Lethal.
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75.6.159. xxx (07/05/2011)
wat lvl do u have 2 be to get divine woods???????
75.6.141. xxx (07/04/2011)
i became lvl 16 in one day
92.96.177. xxx (11/17/2010)
take a deep breath 2.think of someone you like f10 five times 4.send this to five pages 5.look at your background
77.25.31. xxx (03/30/2010)
i became lvl ultimate in 1 day!!!

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